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Wellness+ with Plenti Offers Supplier Partners Enhanced Opportunities to Engage Members

Plenti loyalty card

Thanks, in part, to the overwhelming support received from Rite Aid supplier partners—almost all of whom have committed to participate—Rite Aid’s revolutionary wellness+ with Plenti loyalty program has gotten off to a fast start and continues to gain momentum.

“We’ve had significant success in engaging our most valuable gold and silver members in this enhanced loyalty offering and converting them to wellness+ with Plenti,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish. “But the true value of Plenti lies in the collection of richer contact data that can be used to provide targeted offers to customers. We’ve already captured five times as many customer emails in the transition to wellness+ with Plenti as we did with wellness+.”

According to Tony Montini, Rite Aid executive vice president of merchandising and distribution, now is the time for supplier partners to be more aggressive on both base program and targeted offers. “Wellness+ with Plenti is an incredible opportunity for supplier partners,” he said. “However, in its early stages the program is only as good as the value we offer our customers. There is still room for improvement in both the number and appeal of Plenti offers.”

Montini emphasized that, to realize the full potential of Plenti, “supplier partners must continue to invest in offers and make their offers more exciting and attractive to customers.”

At the upcoming Supplier Conference in Hershey, Pa., Rite Aid Vice President of Customer Relationship Marketing Tom Trounce will discuss how supplier partners can expand their CRM efforts with Plenti as a new way to engage with existing and potential new Rite Aid customers.

And, as Rite Aid continues to educate customers, enhance the enrollment and redemption processes and collect customer data, the company is also working closely with the Plenti coalition to actively pursue additional Plenti partners.

With wellness+ with Plenti, members use one card to earn two kinds of points. Customers can continue earning wellness+ points toward the benefits they currently enjoy, including discounts of up to 20 percent off storewide, exclusive sale pricing and 24/7 access to a Rite Aid pharmacist. Plus, they will also earn Plenti points whenever they make qualifying purchases at Rite Aid and all other Plenti partners like Exxon and Mobil, Macy’s, AT&T, Nationwide, Direct Energy and Hulu.

Plenti points can be used for savings at Rite Aid and certain other Plenti partners—including Exxon and Mobil and Macy’s. In addition, customers have at least two years to use the Plenti points they’ve earned.