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Rite Aid Throws ‘Big Birthday Blowout’ as Plenti Turns 2

Plenti Birthday Bash

Rite Aid customers can break out their party hats and save big bucks as Rite Aid throws a month-long birthday bash for wellness+ with Plenti, which turned two years old in May.

During Rite Aid’s “Big Birthday Blowout,” members will find cover-to-cover savings opportunities of at least $200, or 20,000 Plenti points, in each weekly ad through May 21. The special sale features different items each week and offers points on single items and small groups of items—giving Rite Aid customers more opportunity to earn significant savings.

“We’re really excited to be celebrating two years of incredible value and savings offered through wellness+ with Plenti,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish. “This ground-breaking program has been very well received by our customers, so we wanted to celebrate with a sales promotion that makes it even easier for members to save big.”

Rite Aid rolled out wellness+ with Plenti in May 2015 in conjunction with the launch of Plenti, the first coalition loyalty program of its kind in the U.S. Through Plenti, customers have the unique opportunity to earn and use points toward savings across various well-known brands and companies like Exxon, Mobil, Macy’s and Chili’s.

Rite Aid’s wellness+ with Plenti now has more than 30 million members with millions more enrolled through other coalition partners.

Along the way, Rite Aid supplier partners have played a key role in working with Rite Aid to ensure wellness+ with Plenti delivers value that resonates with consumers.

“Our supplier partners have played such a big part in making wellness+ with Plenti a success,” Learish said. “We thank them for their continued engagement in sales events like our Birthday Bash and look forward to working with them in delivering even more value to our members.”