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Rite Aid Strengthening Commitment To Fighting Diabetes

Diabetes tour

Diabetes studies and the Rite Track Diabetes Tour, pictured above, are just a few of the ways Rite Aid is strengthening its commitment to diabetes care.

Rite Aid continues to raise awareness and provide additional resources surrounding one of the biggest threats to public health: diabetes. Most recently, Rite Aid collaborated with WebMD.com to perform an online survey showing that men and women living with diabetes view its effects on their lives differently.

The survey of adults living with type 2 diabetes revealed that women, more often than men, reported that diabetes had a greater negative impact on their emotional outlook as well as their compliance with diet and exercise recommendations. The survey also found that women living with diabetes are enthusiastic about talking with a pharmacist and receiving tools that can help them to better manage their condition.

“This survey provides important information to help Rite Aid better understand and meet the needs of the 26 million Americans living with diabetes, including many of our patients,” says Executive Vice President of Pharmacy Robert Thompson. “It’s important to us that our patients know they are not alone. Our pharmacists have long been dedicated to caring for patients living with diabetes.”

The survey is the latest example of Rite Aid’s growing commitment to helping those with diabetes to manage their condition and prevent others from developing the disease. In September, the company launched the wellness+ for diabetes program, which offers exclusive product savings and specialized online resources through a partnership with WebMD.

In November and December, Rite Aid took its commitment to diabetes awareness, education and management on the road with the Rite Track Diabetes Tour. Offered in collaboration with LifeScan, Inc., the maker of OneTouch® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems, the tour made over 30 stops at select Rite Aid pharmacies across the Northeast.

At each stop, visitors received free blood tests to help identify their risk for developing diabetes and counseling from a Rite Aid pharmacist about their test results. Participants also received free educational materials as well as product samples and special offers.

In addition, Rite Aid recently joined the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA), a program aimed at preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes through community-based programs in the New York CityBaltimore, Md. and Washington, D.C. areas. As part of this effort, specially trained Rite Aid pharmacists provide personalized coaching and counseling to patients with diabetes in an effort to help them follow their treatment plans.

“Diabetes is taking a staggering toll on the health of our country,” says Thompson. “By participating in the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance, Rite Aid is able to offer participating patients the benefit of one-on-one counseling from a Rite Aid pharmacist specifically trained in diabetes care and medication therapy management.”

Thompson says this type of care has been proven to help better manage diabetes and improve overall health, lowering health care costs in the long run.