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‘Moving Forward’ Focus of Rite Aid’s 2017 Supplier Conference

Rite Aid leaders invited supplier partners to “move forward together” as they discussed the company’s evolving strategy at the 2017 Rite Aid Supplier Conference. More than 600 representatives from nearly 400 supplier partners attended the conference, held September 5-7 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Rite Aid Chairman and CEO John Standley opened the meeting by thanking supplier partners for helping to redefine the Rite Aid brand and re-invent the shopping experience in Rite Aid stores.

John Standley

Rite Aid Chairman and CEO John Standley

“Rite Aid will be a stand-alone company going forward,” Standley said. “This creates a significant opportunity for us to move forward together with even greater confidence once we understand that our current strategy and brand positioning provide a strong foundation to begin our journey.”

Standley outlined elements of this strategy, including Rite Aid’s ongoing front-end transformation and its efforts to build personalized customer experiences—all tied together by the company’s vision that “customers confidently choose us first for their everyday health and wellness needs because we consistently understand and exceed their expectations.”

“Together, we will fully recapture the innovative spirit that has helped us build some of the best drugstores in the country,” Standley said. “We have a proven record of success and a framework for success heading forward.”


Rite Aid Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish

Rite Aid Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish next discussed the tremendous marketing innovations the company is employing to deliver a more personalized experience to its customers—innovations that are key to creating a truly customer-centric company for today and the future.

“It is an exciting time for Rite Aid as we move full steam ahead with marketing technologies that give us the tools to look and act through a customer lens,” Learish said. “Our customers demand that we earn their engagement with highly relevant and personalized marketing innovations—especially digital technologies, which are key to winning in the marketplace.”

Learish highlighted the innovations Rite Aid is employing to create a truly customer-centric company, including:

  • Short-format “snackable” video spots to capture customers’ shorter attention spans
  • An augmented print circular that delivers personalized promotional offers in 1:1 channels
  • Personalized digital weekly ads on riteaid.com
  • The redesigned Rite Aid app and leading shopping deal apps—tailored for the customer through the CRM data provided by wellness+

“Of course, all of these efforts offer our supplier partners great opportunities for participation,” Learish added.

Tony Montini, Rite Aid executive vice president of merchandising and distribution, also expressed gratitude to the company’s valued supplier partners for their continued support and commitment, before focusing on the ongoing Front-end Transformation in Rite Aid’s Wellness stores.


Rite Aid Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Distribution Tony Montini

Montini reiterated the “speed wins” mantra that guides Rite Aid’s merchandising innovations, which are only successful when they’re based on consumer data and effectively measured and tested.

“We’re taking the CRM data we gain from our wellness+ loyalty program and converting it into actionable innovations,” Montini said. “These innovations give our customers the information and education they need for product selection, help our customers find the products they want and give our customers more than they can get online.”

Montini also elaborated on the differentiating value of creative merchandising approaches like SEAL and GEM, as well as the company’s unique Genuine Wellbeing store concept that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s consumer.

“Rite Aid is counting on your continued collaboration as we evolve to meet the exciting challenges and opportunities of the coming years,” Montini said in closing. “Please join us as we move forward at an even faster pace to meet the challenges of changing consumer habits and advancements in technology.”