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Rite Aid Encourages Customers to ‘Get Your Flu Shot Today’

Get Your Flu Shot Today

Rite Aid’s year-round focus on building its flu shot business culminates each year in a multi-month effort to raise additional awareness and protect as many patients from the flu as possible. This year’s effort kicked off in late July, when the first doses of this season’s flu vaccine became available in Rite Aid pharmacies.

After last year’s successful campaign, which saw Rite Aid pharmacists give a record 3.2 million flu shots, field and store teams have continued to proactively network with local businesses and organizations to schedule flu shot clinics for the upcoming season. They provide businesses with standardized tent cards and posters to raise additional awareness about the clinics among employees and members.

“We are fully prepared to engage customers and encourage them to protect themselves from the flu,” said Jocelyn Konrad, executive vice president of pharmacy. That means the familiar greeting of “Have you had your flu shot?” is being heard throughout the chain, and these engagement efforts are being supported by Rite Aid’s most extensive in-store sign kit of the year.

“When someone with the flu sneezes, you can catch it even if you’re as far as six feet away. We felt our customers might not know that, so that’s why we reinforce it in our signing and marketing messages.’”

Get Your Flu Shot Today

Since early vaccination is key to preventing the spread of the flu, supplier partners are encouraged to call their local Rite Aid pharmacy as soon as possible to schedule an on-site flu shot clinic to help protect their employees. As in past years, Rite Aid certified immunizing pharmacists will be on hand to administer free flu shots to Rite Aid supplier partners during Rite Aid’s Annual Supplier Conference to be held Sept. 28-30 in Hershey, Pa.

A key opportunity for Rite Aid this year will be engaging with more seniors and educating them about the availability of Fluzone high-dosage (HD) vaccine at Rite Aid, which provides an added layer of protection that’s often needed to prevent the flu in patients 65 and older, whose immune systems tend to be more vulnerable.

In a new feature for this season, each patient who gets a flu shot will gain access to an individualized “Cold and Flu Protection Plan” that highlights many of the convenient health and pharmacy services Rite Aid offers, and more, including:

  • A free customized immunization assessment
  • Cold and flu alerts and savings programs delivered via email
  • A free cough/cold/flu OTC guide
  • Unlimited weight and blood pressure evaluations
  • 24/7 access to a Rite Aid pharmacist

Konrad said the immunization assessment capitalizes on a terrific opportunity to let customers know about Rite Aid’s full offering of vaccinations during the flu shot season. Flu shot customers who are members of wellness+ with Plenti will be automatically enrolled into the Cold and Flu Protection Plan at the register, while non-members will be able to enroll online.

And to help Rite Aid drive even further awareness beyond its stores, the company will once again launch a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes TV, radio and digital advertising.

It’s all in an effort to build on the enormous success Rite Aid has had with its flu shot campaigns in recent years. “Our teams have done an outstanding job of raising awareness and establishing Rite Aid as a convenient and trusted destination for flu shots,” Konrad said. “By approaching this year’s campaign with that same high level of passion and enthusiasm, I’m confident that we’ll build upon our success and protect more patients from the flu than ever before.”