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Diabetes Consults Making Huge Impact On Patient Health, Pharmacist Says

Consultations Part Of Rite Aid’s Recent Partnership With Diabetes Prevention And Control Alliance

Anna Livson

Rite Aid Pharmacist Anna Livson says her consultations with diabetes patients are having a positive impact on their health.

Since Rite Aid began participating in theDiabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA) this fall, Pharmacy Manager Anna Livson has been counseling new diabetes patients at her store in Brooklyn, N.Y.Livson says she is thrilled with the positive impact she has made on their lives.

DPCA helps people control their diabetes through community-based programs. Rite Aid’s participation allows those enrolled in DPCA to visit select Rite Aid stores in New York CityWashington D.C. and Baltimore, Md. areas to receive education and support from specially trained pharmacists.

These pharmacists consult quarterly with enrolled patients to evaluate their success in adhering to prescribed diabetes regimens and to review patients’ test results for blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

During one consultation, Livson caught a drug interaction that causes potassium levels to spike, which can lead to increased blood glucose levels. She contacted the doctor to have the medication switched.

In another instance, a patient told Livson she was drinking milk to control her hypoglycemia. Livson told the patient that blood glucose tablets are more effective, providing faster relief and convenience when the patient is on the run.

Livson encouraged another patient to improve his fitness. As the patient struggled to make walking part of his routine, Livson gave him the specific goal of walking to Rite Aid every morning. “He comes to say ‘good morning’ to me every day I’m here,” Livson says. “Some patients need specific goals and motivation.”

DPCA has given Livson the opportunity to become more involved in the community and raise awareness of other beneficial Rite Aid healthcare services. She recently represented Rite Aid at a Women’s Health Fair, informing patients with high blood glucose levels about the benefits of enrolling in DPCA.

“These kinds of programs make people look at pharmacists differently and they make me look at myself differently,” Livson says. “They are making a huge impact.”