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Corporate CCC30 Launches Associate Wellness Initiative

Rite Moves

Rite Aid corporate associates have created the Rite Moves, Rite Choices initiative to help Harrisburg,Pa.-area corporate associates achieve healthier lifestyles.

The 30 corporate members of the Culture Change Champions (CCC30), a group dedicated to making Rite Aid a better place to work, have launched an associate wellness initiative known as“Rite Moves, Rite Choices” to support Harrisburg-area corporate associates as they strive to live a healthier lifestyle.

Rite Moves, Rite Choices includes four 12-week programs, each focusing on a different component of wellness. The first program,The Biggest Winner weight loss contest, kicked off Jan. 4 and gives participants in each Harrisburg-area corporate office building the opportunity to win up to $1,200 if they lose the most pounds or lose the highest percentage of body weight during this 12-week period.

The CCC30 also developed Winning Ways for corporate associates who are not interested in losing weight but want to live a healthier lifestyle. Participants in either the Biggest Winner and Winning Ways have access to Aetna’s Healthy Connections “Get Active” web application, which includes fitness and nutritional trackers.

The first 500 associates to sign up for either program received a special welcome bag filled with fitness-related items such as water bottles and pedometers. Many of the items were donated by Rite Aid suppliers.

“We’d like to thank the supplier partners who donated items to be used for this program,” says Senior Director of Logistics Marla DeFrank, a CCC30 member. “We are grateful for their support in helping our associates live a healthier lifestyle.”

In addition to the two healthy lifestyle programs, the CCC30 recently held wellness fairs for corporate associates and is offering associates free fitness classes such as yoga.

The CCC30 was formed shortly after Rite Aid announced in September 2008 it was beginning a Cultural Transformation to bring positive change to the company, thereby making it a better place to work for associates and a better place to shop for customers.

More than 1,300 associates are members of the CCC, a group designed to be a catalyst for the transformation by identifying ways to bring positive change to their areas and the company as a whole.