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Automatic Text, Email And Phone Alerts Now Available To Patients

Communication ServicesA new Pharmacy Messaging Alert service makes filling prescriptions at Rite Aid even more convenient for patients by sending them refill reminders, “prescription is ready” notifications and alerts telling them of any issues encountered after they’ve dropped off their prescription.

Patients sign up for the service online and can choose to receive alerts by text message, email or automated phone call.

Alerts are sent automatically to enrolled patients based on where the prescription is in the dispensing process. In general, alerts are sent when enrolled patients’ prescriptions are deferred, require additional information from the prescriber or if the prescription can be only partially filled.

“Prescription is ready” notifications are sent automatically when pharmacy teams complete the quality assurance step in NexGen, Rite Aid’s pharmacy dispensing system.

“This is an excellent new service that will greatly enhance our ability to communicate with our patients using the communication methods they choose,” says Executive Vice President of Pharmacy Robert Thompson. “And because these alerts are sent automatically through NexGen, they save our pharmacy teams the time it would take to make these calls themselves.”

Thompson adds that refill reminder alerts should help to improve patient compliance in taking medications as prescribed.

To receive alerts, patients must have an online MyRiteAid.com account and complete the MyPharmacy online profile. Patients should have an existing prescription on hand to help them complete the profile. Those without a MyRiteAid account can create one by visiting www.MyRiteAid.com.