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wellness+ Pilot Off To ‘Phenomenal’ Start

Online chatAssociates in wellness+ pilot markets are producing “phenomenal results” in signing up customers and patients for Rite Aid’s new customer loyalty card program, according to Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish.

“Execution at the store level has been incredible,” Learish says, “As of Jan. 8, our associates have enrolled more than 750,000 customers in wellness+ and have also done a great job encouraging customers to use the card after they sign up. Our associates are proving they truly are the power behind the plus.”

wellness+ members earn points and receive discounts based on their front-end and pharmacy purchases, except on government-funded prescriptions or in states where laws prohibit benefits for pharmacy purchases.

Members can also use points to earn free wellness benefits such as blood glucose or total cholesterol screenings, which Learish says is a key difference between wellness+ and other retail pharmacy loyalty programs. In addition, members receive everyday benefits such as 10 percent off all Rite Aid Brandproducts.

The pilot phase of wellness+ began Oct. 18 in the markets of Harrisburg, Pa.San Diego, Calif.,Buffalo, N.Y. and Greensboro, N.C. Learish says a chainwide roll out of wellness+ is expected later this year.

Many associates in the pilot markets are excited about how well customers have embraced the new loyalty program and say customers are thankful for the savings, especially in these tough economic times.

“Our customers are very happy with it,” says Michael Cohen, pharmacy manager of store #3607 inCarlisle, Pa. “They are very keen on the front-end discounts and the opportunity to earn free screenings. We’ve had patients come in and say they heard about wellness+ from their friends.”

“We’ve done really well here because everyone at our store is on board,” says Debra Chappell, store manager of store #1894 in Dover, Pa. “It’s a great program that really benefits customers.”

Kelli Schaffer, front-end associate at store #3500 in Ransomville, N.Y., says “we all believe inwellness+. The customers have been very receptive and I like being able to point out how much they save each time. I think we’re on to something here.”