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wellness+ Members Can Track Savings And Points With New Monthly Email Statements

Rite Aid has launched a monthly email statement that shows wellness+ members how much money they are saving and the number of points they have earned by using their rewards card.

Each statement shows members their total savings for the previous month and a breakdown of how much they have saved year-to-date through weekly circular discounts, +UP Rewards earned and gold or silver membership discounts.

Members can click an icon to “like” their savings on Facebook. Statements also show customers how their savings compares to the average wellness+ member’s.
The bottom of each statement shows members how many points they’ve earned year-to-date, allowing them to see how close they are to earning an everyday 10 percent discount (sliver membership at 500 points) or everyday 20 percent discount (gold membership at 1,000 points). The year-long discounts can be applied to most non-prescription merchandise in the store.

“wellness+ provides great value for its 40 million members and that’s a message we want to reinforce whenever and wherever possible,” says John Learish, senior vice president of marketing. “These email messages show our members what wellness+ is already doing for them and reminds them about the opportunities they may have to save even more through gold or sliver membership.”

Rite Aid sends these email statements the second week of each month.