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Tennessee Store Wins $20,000 ‘One More Item’ Campaign Prize

One More ItemTiffany Harris’ competitive nature took over the first time she saw her district’s standings for the One More Item contest, a year-long competition to see which store team in the chain could achieve the highest success rate in selling select products at the registers.

“We saw those results on the portal and it really motivated us,” recalls Harris, store manager at store #11876 in Lebanon, Tenn. The team didn’t realize how much that motivation paid off until weeks later, when Associate Kay Patel asked, “Where do you think we are in the entire company?”

Harris’ research showed that they ranked fifth out of more than 4,700 stores, and that meant they were within striking distance of winning the contest’s $20,000 grand prize.

It was all of the motivation the front-end and pharmacy associates needed to continue asking each customer if they would like to add products such as Crystal Lake Spring Water, Rite Aid Brand hand sanitizer or Rite Aid brand lip balm to their purchase.

“We ended up finishing first in the chain for all four contest periods,” Harris says. For the entire year, they sold contest-related products in more than 15 percent of the store’s transactions, more than doubling the success rate of the second-place store.

Each of the store’s 12 associates, as well as District Manager Mark Briggs and Pharmacy District Manager Shan Parker, took home more than $1,400 as their share of the $20,000 prize. Each of them also won four $50 Rite Aid gift cards for finishing atop their district at the end of each three-month contest period.

Harris says her team is special because “we’re more like a family than co-workers,” she says. “We take pride in our store.”