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Shield Yourself: The Fight Against the Flu Is On!

RA1352 Flu Mid-Aisle Ceiling Sign.indd After administering a record-breaking 2.4 million flu immunizations last year, Rite Aid is well on its way to an even more successful flu shot campaign this year in an effort to help customers and patients shield themselves from the flu.

Since flu vaccines arrived in stores the week of Aug. 12, Rite Aid has been supporting its annual flu immunization program with a comprehensive marketing campaign—including television and radio ads—to attract new patients and further promote the convenience of getting a flu shot at Rite Aid.

At the same time, Wellness Ambassadors and other associates continue to perform community outreach and promote the various wellness services and programs that Rite Aid offers—including immunizations—all in an effort to bring Rite Aid’s message of health and wellness to new potential patients.

All of this will complement Rite Aid’s year-round focus on reaching out to local businesses and organizations to let them know that Rite Aid can hold convenient immunization clinics for their employees or members.

“The flu immunization campaign is one of our most important initiatives of the year, not only because it’s a great opportunity to grow our pharmacy business, but also because it strengthens Rite Aid as a true neighborhood destination for health and wellness,” said Executive Vice President of Pharmacy Robert Thompson.

“During this year’s campaign, we have a tremendous opportunity to help additional customers be proactive in protecting their own health and wellness. We are approaching this year’s campaign with the same high level of enthusiasm and commitment as we have in years past, and I’m confident that we will have another successful season.”

Flu can lead to serious health complications, including hospitalization or even death. Flu season typically peaks in January or February, but that varies widely from year to year. In recent years, the flu season has peaked as early as October and as late as March.

In early September, Rite Aid began airing its latest television commercial, which encourages viewers to shield themselves by getting a flu shot at their neighborhood Rite Aid pharmacy.

The 30-second spot is airing on national cable networks and local TV stations in the company’s top markets.

The commercial is perhaps the most visible sign of the company’s comprehensive marketing push to promote flu immunizations, which are both a key business initiative and a valuable preventive wellness service offered at every Rite Aid pharmacy.