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Rite Aid’s Top Flu Shot Store Changing Community’s Perception Of Retail Pharmacy

It’s been quite a year for store #934 inCharleston, W. Va. In October, Clinical Pharmacist Amy Lafferty was featured in a Chain Drug Review story about her success growing clinical service programs, including the Face To Face Diabetes Education program, which she has grown from 113 patients to more than 600.

Store 934

Store #934 is Rite Aid’s top flu shot performer. From left, Clinical Pharmacist Vicki Skaff, Pharmacist John Miller, Clinical Pharmacist Amy Lafferty, Store Manager Gail Sandoval and Pharmacist Lindsey Spaulding.

In November, Vicki Skaff, a clinical pharmacist at the same store, received The Snapshot Award from the West Virginia Immunization Network. The award was in recognition of her efforts to educate adults about the importance of vaccinations, organize immunization clinics and advocate for policies that help improve immunization rates throughout West Virginia.

And by late November, the team at store #934 had administered more than 2,500 flu shots and was well on its way to setting an all-time company record for flu shots in a year.

The team’s efforts to promote clinical services are making members of the community see their store in a different light, including local doctors, who are increasingly referring patients to the store for services. “We are changing the perception of Rite Aid and what a retail pharmacy can offer,” Lafferty says. Adds Skaff, “We want to make Rite Aid the place for immunizations and clinical services.”

This didn’t happen overnight as members of the team have spent months doing their part to raise awareness through in-store teamwork, networking in the community and going the extra mile for new business.

In terms of teamwork, all associates make sure to talk with customers about flu shots and other clinical services. Pharmacy technicians recognize that patients may be interested in store-sponsored clinics for Zostavax immunizations and front-end associates remind callers and customers that flu shots are available in the pharmacy.

With networking, Skaff doesn’t miss too many opportunities to promote clinical services to community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. As a result, she has booked immunization clinics at businesses, schools and senior centers.

Recently, Skaff and associates at corporate headquarters went the extra mile when a large insurance group was not covering any flu shots administered in a retail pharmacy setting. The Rite Aid team was able to create a new billing process that helped convince the insurance provider to change its policy. As a result, Rite Aid is the only retail pharmacy chain in the state where flu shots are covered for members of this insurance.