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Rite Aid’s Flu Shot Campaign in Full Swing

At the 2014 Rite Aid Supplier Conference in September, 280 attendees took advantage of free flu shots offered on site by specially trained and certified Rite Aid pharmacists to help shield them from the flu this season. Supplier partners were also encouraged to schedule an on-site flu shot clinic with Rite Aid to help protect their employees from this potentially serious illness. Clinics can be scheduled by calling 1-855-882-5948 or online at www.shieldmyworkforce.com.

According to Group Vice President of Clinical Services and Pharmacy Initiatives Karen Staniforth, Rite Aid pharmacy and front-end teams are working hard to ensure that every customer knows that flu shots are available and that customers can conveniently visit a Rite Aid pharmacist to help shield themselves from the flu. “Patients will say ‘yes’ to getting an annual flu shot only once this year, so we want to be the first to ask them about it in 2014,” she said.

Flu can lead to serious health complications, including hospitalization or even death.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone older than six months of age receive a flu shot every year – and there are several benefits for patients who get their annual flu shot as soon as possible.

“It takes up to 14 days for the vaccine to achieve its maximum level of protection,” Staniforth says. “If customers wait until there’s a flu outbreak or scare to get immunized, there is a chance they may get the flu before they are protected. Even though flu season typically peaks in January or February, the effectiveness of the vaccine does not diminish if the flu immunization is received earlier in the season.”

Rite Aid’s set a company record of 2.8 million flu shots last year. The company’s annual flu shot campaign is one of its most important initiatives and strongly supports its position as a health and wellness destination in the communities it serves.

It’s one of the most visible ways that the Rite Aid team can deliver on the company’s promise to actively work with customers to keep them well. Administering flu shots also gives pharmacists the opportunity to educate patients about the other vaccinations Rite Aid offers as the company looks to position itself as an immunization destination.

The company is supporting its flu shot program with an aggressive marketing campaign, including a comprehensive in-store sign kit, circular ads, digital marketing, radio spots and TV commercials on national networks, such as the one featured above.

RA4437 Flu Ceiling Sign.indd

In addition to a strong in-store team effort to protect more patients from the flu, Wellness Ambassadors and other pharmacy team members will continue to work hard to schedule worksite flu shot clinics at local businesses and organizations.

“The flu immunization campaign is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the clinical skills of our pharmacists and position Rite Aid as a convenient destination for health and wellness beyond filling prescriptions,” said Executive Vice President of Pharmacy Robert Thompson. “By engaging with every patient about getting a flu shot, we will help them to proactively protect their health and the health of others in our local communities.”