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Rite Aid Pumps Up Social Media Marketing Efforts to Drive Customer Engagement

Today’s social media and digital marketing channels provide virtually unlimited opportunities to directly engage customers, build brand presence and ultimately sell more products—and Rite Aid continues to explore new and innovative ways to exploit these channels to meet the evolving needs of its customers and provide value to its supplier partners.

The company’s digital marketing strategy has been developed to align closely with its more traditional marketing initiatives—such as the “Beauty Extravaganza” hosted last October in more than 30 Wellness stores that offer the services of a Rite Aid Beauty Advisor. This in-store promotion was accompanied by an appealing digital campaign that expanded the reach of the promotion to customers who did not have access to an in-store event and amplified the success of the promotion.


The Beauty Extravaganza leveraged a custom microsite and social media channels such as FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram to engage customers with a weekly themed sweepstake challenge that showcased different segments of the beauty category.

Suppliers had the opportunity to feature their brands throughout the campaign and Rite Aid’s Beauty Advisors responded to customers’ beauty questions on Twitter by suggesting various products to address beauty dilemmas. Customers who visited the microsite at riteaid.com/beauty engaged with video tutorials and beauty “how-to” tips published by supplier partners.

The combined effect of the in-store promotion and social media campaign produced a dramatic increase in consumer engagement—with a more than 50 percent increase in new visitors and an 18 percent increase in returning users to the microsite when compared with our previous beauty campaigns. Users who visited the microsite were most interested in the in-store events as indicated by the content that was most frequently viewed, and store sales in the beauty category increased by more than 12 percent over the previous year during the same period.

“Results such as these are typical of successfully integrated social media and digital campaigns,” said Rite Aid Social Media Manager Asten Rigel. “We strive to provide value to our customers in the social space. Whether through health and wellness tips or exclusive offers to our Facebook fans, our goal is to help improve the health and wellness of our customers.”

Rite Aid is also focusing on building stronger relationships with online influencers to add value to customers’ lives. Through its growing network of Rite Aid Ambassador bloggers, the company funnels information on topics ranging from healthy living, new beauty products and couponing to tips on parenting or ideas for seasonal crafts. Each month, kits that include a variety of in-store products are sent to these bloggers for their review.

“At Rite Aid, we recognize that social media is a critical component of the marketing mix, allowing customers to interact with our brand on a one-on-one basis and further delivering on our promise to ‘make it personal,’” said John Learish, senior vice president of marketing. “We are excited to offer these expanded marketing opportunities to our supplier partners and encourage them to explore this exciting new dimension in customer engagement.”

Supplier partners who wish to discuss social media opportunities at Rite Aid are encouraged to contact Asten Rigel at asten.e.rigel@riteaid.com.