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Rite Aid In Harrisburg, Pa. Becomes First Energy Star Certified Drugstore In The U.S.

Energy Star

From left, Pharmacist Kelly Fisic, Rite Aid’s Senior Manager of Energy Owen Davies and Store Manager Scott Moyer at store #4284 in Harrisburg, Pa., the first Energy Star certified drugstore in the U.S.

Store #4284 in Harrisburg, Pa. has become the first Energy Star certified drugstore in the U.S. after Rite Aid upgraded lighting, air conditioning and the energy management system to make the store 25 percent more energy efficient.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awards Energy Star certifications after a company shows that a building ranks in the top 25 percent of the country’s commercial buildings in terms of energy efficiency.

Owen Davies, Rite Aid’s senior manager of energy, says Rite Aid’s goal is to earn Energy Star certifications for 20 additional stores, each in a different state, over the next year. “If we keep the pace we’re at right now, we’re on target to meet that goal,” Davies says. “One of Rite Aid’s core values is to be a caring neighbor to the communities we serve, and these efforts fit right in with that. Having buildings that are more energy efficient decreases the impact our business has on the environment.”

At store #4284, Davies’ team replaced the store’s 428 light bulbs with lighting that uses less electricity. Florescent bulbs in the freezer were replaced with LED light bars that generate less heat and therefore require less energy to keep the freezers cool.

Davies team also installed sensors that activate the store’s fans only when needed rather than having fans be kept on at all times. All three air conditioning units were replaced and now usea refrigerant that is less harmful to the environment when disposed. The store’s new energy management system keeps store lights at half power before the store opens to customers and automatically shuts off certain outdoor lights 30 minutes after a store is closed. Davies says his team will make similar enhancements to stores that are expected to become Energy Star certified over the next year.