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Revamped Circular Features Fresh Design, Strong Wellness Message

Rite AidRite Aid has revamped its weekly circularavailable in stores and Sunday newspapers with a fresh design that is easier to read and places more emphasis on health and wellness.

According to Senior Vice President of MarketingJohn Learish, the new circulars are easier to read thanks to a clean and consistent design from cover to cover.

“Currently, we produce each section of the circular with a separate design for beauty, health, photo and food pages,” Learish says. “Each page makes a great statement about the individual department, but we wanted to enhance the total communications package by designing the sections to work together more effectively. We rebuilt our design using a consistent blue and white color treatment and enlarged many of the product images so that readers have an easier time browsing the ad and finding the products they need.”

The redesigned circular also features a stronger health emphasis that reflects the company’s “wellness empowerment” initiative, which helps customers take more ownership over healthcare decisions.

“Our research found that customers want to take a more active role in their healthcare,” Learish says. To support wellness empowerment, the new circulars feature phrases such as “renew your wellness” in large font to encourage customers to take a more active role in their health.