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Record Participation In ‘Favorite Pharmacist’ Campaign

Rite Aid received nearly 31,000 submissions during October’s Vote For Your Favorite Pharmacistcampaign, a new company record and a 37-percent increase over the 2009 total. Patients nominated more than 5,900 pharmacists during the campaign, held each year to celebrate American Pharmacists Month and recognize pharmacists for their commitment to patient care and service.

Patients could nominate a pharmacist by visiting RiteAid.com, through a mail-in brochure available in stores or by accessing a link emailed to wellness+ members and other customers.

Patients who voted were automatically entered into a random drawing for a $2,500 Rite Aid gift card. This year’s winning patient is Venus Ashton, who nominated Pharmacist Obiesiemike Ijeabuonwu of store #4822 in Washington, D.C.

Pharmacists receiving nominations were entered into a separate random drawing to win a $2,500 Rite Aid gift card. This year’s winning pharmacist is Holly Hakim Bui, of store #11091 in Plumsteadville, Pa., who was nominated by 23 different patients.

Below are excerpts from a few of the 31,000 nomination forms sent to Rite Aid, including a comment from the winning patient about her favorite pharmacist, as well as one of the many comments praising the winning pharmacist.

 Holly Bui

Holly Hakim Bui, Store #11091, Plumsteadville, Pa.

“Holly provides exceptional and helpful service, always trying to help me while displaying the most vibrant personality. By phone or in person, I always leave with a smile knowing I was helped by a kind and highly-qualified professional. She is like magic in the pharmacy.”


Obiesiemike Ijeabuonwu, Store #4822, Washington, D.C.

“Mr. Obiesiemike always greets me with a smile and addresses me by name personally. I’m a cancer patient and take synthroid daily. He made sure I had medicine to take even though there wasn’t enough in stock to fully fill my prescription one day.”

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson, Store #11470 in Charlotte N.C.

“Well, if it wasn’t for Colleen my family would be having a funeral for me. I was taking one medication and I turned in another prescription to be filled, but when I arrived to pick it up Colleen told me that taking these two medications together would cause me to have a seizure and probably die. Without her expert knowledge and service, I would not be here today.”

Olaf Gutschow

Olaf Gutschow, Store #6458 in Roseville, Calif.

“When I moved all my prescriptions to Rite Aid, Mr. Gutschow reviewed my list of medicines and found every possible discount for me. Then, when I became eligible for Medicare and was flooded with options, I came in nearly in tears trying to make a good decision. Mr. Gutschow researched the plans and gave me the results, including the pros and cons of each option.”