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Procter & Gamble Team Honored for ‘Innovative Spirit’


From left to right: John Standley, Rite Aid Chairman, President and CEO; Bryan Stuke, P&G VP, Customer Business Development (CBD) Drug Channel; Ken Martindale, Rite Aid COO; Jan Grammerstorf, P&G Customer Business Development (CBD)Manager, Rite Aid Team; Tony Montini, Rite Aid EVP, Merchandising; Becky Hannon, ACM; Lane Emley, CM

Influenced by the theme of this year’s Supplier Conference, the Collaborative Spirit award of past years has evolved into the “Innovative Spirit” award to reflect our focus on promoting and recognizing innovative ideas and methods. This award honors the supplier partner and category management team that best represents the true spirit of innovation and collaborative business planning.

Rite Aid announced the winner of the Inspiring Innovation award at the Annual Supplier Conference held Sept. 11-12 in Harrisburg, Pa. Rite Aid Chairman, President and CEO John Standley and Chief Operations Officer Ken Martindale joined Executive Vice President of Merchandising Tony Montini in presenting the award to supplier partner Procter & Gamble and the Rite Aid Category Management team of Lane Emley and Becky Hannon.

“Procter & Gamble really set the pace this year,” said Montini. “They dive into consumer research to enhance the shopping experience and leverage brand assets to create unique and innovative retailer-specific promotions like this year’s summer Olympics mega-event that was truly best in class.”

03-awardMontini added, “We applaud Procter & Gamble’s constant and consistent efforts to innovate with us – and recognize the efforts of Category Manager Lane Emley and Associate Category Manager Becky Hannon, who make this collaboration so successful.”

The Procter & Gamble team was chosen from a number of finalists for the award, including InCOMM, DB Vision, Glaxo Smith Kline and Conair.

The names of this year’s winners are engraved on the Inspiring Innovation award, which has a permanent home at our corporate headquarters in Camp Hill, Pa. and replaces the Collaborative Spirit award’s Crystal Lighthouse.