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No Paper Necessary: Load2Card +UP Rewards Coming Soon

Plus up rewardsRite Aid’s popular wellness+ customer loyalty program will soon offer a new feature that allows members to load their +UP Rewardsautomatically to their wellness+ card. This option eliminates the need to maintain the paper receipts on which +UP Rewards are currently printed.

The continued support of Rite Aid’s supplier partners, who fund the rewards on their products, is integral to the success of the +UP Rewards program.

When this enhancement rolls out to stores – expected in September – customers earning +UP Rewards can redeem them simply by presenting their wellness+ card on their next visit to Rite Aid. The savings amount will be automatically deducted from the purchase.

During an ongoing test pilot in four markets, this new enhancement had a positive impact on sales while not dramatically increasing +UP redemptions, according to Senior Vice President of MarketingJohn Learish.

“We found that it’s a convenience that customers like,” Learish says. “If they choose, customers can opt out and continue receiving paper copies of +UP Rewards at the bottom of their register receipts.”

A +UP Reward is earned when a customer purchases a certain item or group of items using theirwellness+ card. Customers redeem the savings during return visits to the store. Rite Aid issued more than 14 million +UP Rewards during the first quarter of fiscal 2013, which ended June 2.

+UP Rewards are a popular component of the highly popular wellness+ program, which had more than 25 million active members at the end of the last quarter. The company defines active members as those who have used their card at least twice in the past 26 weeks.