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New Product Freshness Program Rolls Out In March

Product Freshness

Associates will now use the RF Unit as part of a new Product Freshness system that makes it easier for store teams to track date-sensitive merchandise.

A new Product Freshness program will make it easier for Rite Aid store teams to identify merchandise that is nearly out-of-date and sell more of those items before they expire.

Currently, store teams check suggested categories that may include up to 2,000 items each week for products soon to expire, a process that can be “labor-intensive and repetitive,” according to Vice President of Store Operations Tony Sadler.

Once the new program begins rolling out in March, store teams will take a few weeks to enter the soonest-to-expire item of each applicable SKU into the system. Once this step is completed, associates can begin using a weekly report that easily identifies which items will soon become outdated.

The weekly reports also indicate when associates must remove items from the shelf.

This new procedure will take less time for associates to execute, make it easier for teams to spot items nearing their expiration date and benefit suppliers by reducing the number of returns, Sadler says.

The new Product Freshness system has been developed as part of Project Simplification, an on-going initiative designed to make it easier to work in and manage a Rite Aid store.

Through Project Simplification, Rite Aid has made it easier for teams to execute price changes, place weekly price reduction signs and communicate with customers at the register if their coupon is rejected for any reason.