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More Customers Are SMILING At Rite Aid

Smile“Did We Make You Smile Today?” That’s the question Rite Aid has been asking customers and patients since the beginning of March when new SMILE comment cards became available in all stores.

These cards give customers and patients the opportunity to rate their Rite Aid experience, name associates who have been especially helpful and provide suggestions on how the store team can do better.  Customers are encouraged to send their comments, postage paid, into Rite Aid’s corporate office.  A Spanish version of the card is available and customers can also submit their comments online.

As a reward for sending in a comment card, customers are entered into a semi-annual drawing for a $1000 Rite Aid gift card.

Rite Aid customers are submitting thousands of comment cards each week, many of them praising store associates for excellent customer service. The number of customer comments has nearly tripled since the card became available.

Rite Aid measures the customer experience in a number of ways. Customers can participate in the Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is a phone survey taken when a customer receives an invitation on their register receipt. Customers can also contact the company through phone calls, email and letters sent to the Customer Support department.

When an associate is named by a customer for providing great service, whether through the comment card or other means, he or she receives a Customer Service Star pin and a personal “thank you” card from their regional or group leadership team. They are also eligible to be selected as Group or Regional Associate of the Quarter.  All Associates of the Quarter then become candidates for SMILE Customer Service Associate of the Year.