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Lottery, Blockbuster Kiosks Coming To More Stores

kiosksMore stores throughout the chain will soon have lottery or Blockbuster DVD kiosks as the company implements low-maintenance, self-serve attractions as a way to drive store-level incremental sales.

According to Vice President of Store Operations Tony Sadler, the company’s goal is to add self-serve lottery kiosks to more than 3,000 stores by the end of 2011. By April, nearly half of those will be installed at stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, California, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire and Tennessee. “Our goal is to add these kiosks to our stores in those states where they are allowed by law,” Sadler says.

Also, an agreement between Rite Aid and NCR Blockbuster has cleared the way for Blockbuster Express DVD kiosks to be installed at select stores throughout the chain. More than 70 Rite Aid stores recently piloted the kiosks, which allow customers to rent DVDs for $1 per day.

According to Photo Operations Manager Allen Brown, these outdoor self-serve kiosks will soon be installed at select stores in California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Kiosks are expected to be installed at about 1,500 stores based on a store’s location, volume and local ordinances. “Customers love them,” Brown says. “They are convenient, require no maintenance from store associates and help increase traffic to our stores.” NCR Blockbuster is a separate company from Blockbuster Video, which recently declared bankruptcy.

“By having lottery and Blockbuster kiosks, we can attract new customers into our stores,” Sadler says. “Customers using these kiosks often purchase items in addition to a lottery ticket or DVD, so these machines give us an excellent opportunity to drive incremental sales.”

Store Manager Jim Humphrey, of store #10917 in Monroeville, Pa., says his new lottery kiosk has been “nothing but positive. I was apprehensive at first, but it requires very little maintenance for us. We have people visiting the store every day to play the lottery who were not regular customers before, and they’re picking up additional items, too.”