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Introducing Rite Aid’s New wellness+SM Customer Loyalty Program

Online chatMore than just another savings card, wellness+ offers a more personalized customer experience. Rite Aid’s new customer loyalty program is centered on health and wellness and according to Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish a much greater emphasis is placed on pharmacy than any other loyalty program in the industry.

According to Learish, “Customers have told us that they want more than savings and discounts. They wany a better relationship with their pharmacy—they want more to support their health and wellness. The highly weighted value of our top prescription patients underscores the importance of retaining their business, and we believe that rewarding them throughwellness+ is the perfect way to do so.”

He adds that “wellness+ will help us drive increased business from existing customers, help us cross-sell and steer customers toward Rite Aid as their brand of choice, and will ultimately give non-shoppers a compelling reason to make Rite Aid their preferred drugstore,” says Learish.

Through the accrual component of wellness+, there are two ways members can earn points: through front-end purchases and through pharmacy purchases. The more members spend at Rite Aid, the more points they receive toward savings. They’ll earn one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases, and 25 points for every prescription they fill at Rite Aid. Points are tracked automatically, and a tiered benefits structure combines health and wellness rewards with financial rewards:

  • For every 125 points, members will get a one-time use shopping pass good for 10% off any non-prescription purchases. Once customers earn 500 points, they’ll receive 10% off all non-prescription purchases EVERY DAY.
  • Once customers earn 500 points, they’ll also get a certificate for free health screenings — including blood glucose and total cholesterol screening at a local lab — and they can pick up their test results at their local Rite Aid.
  • Once members earn 1,000 points, they’ll receive 20% off all non-prescription purchases every day.



Members’ points will reset at the end of each year, but they’ll get a “grace year” period to build up to the same level of points they achieved the previous year.

In addition, wellness+ members will also receive 10% off the regular price on all Rite Aid Brand products, every day. And they’ll receive exclusive discounts in weekly circulars, as well as special temporary price reductions. Members will also get special offers on register receipts, via e-mail and online.

Rite Aid will engage members online by offering them access to their wellness+ account at riteaid.com/wellness, where they’ll find a customized member relationship dashboard to manage their benefits.

One of the most innovative elements of wellness+ is that members will have 24/7 toll-free access to a Rite Aid pharmacist, simply by calling 1-800-RITEAID.

To support wellness+, Rite Aid is launching its most aggressive media spend in nearly a decade through TV, radio, search, e-mail and direct mail. And customers will see a fresh new store look featuring the new loyalty program which will provide associates a starting point for engaging customers.

wellness+ made its debut on Sunday, October 18, in four pilot markets, Harrisburg, PA; Greensboro, NC; Buffalo, NY; and San Diego, CA.

“When the program rolls out next year, wellness+ will be a fully realized embodiment of Wellness Empowerment, and our customers will be the beneficiaries of this movement,” says Learish.

Learish also encourages suppliers to get involved with the program. He says there are a number of opportunities for suppliers to highlight their brand through promotional overlays, member communications, and register receipts.