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Rite Aid’s Flu Shot Marketing Campaign in Full Swing

With flu immunization season in full swing, there are many who are asking the question, “Why should I get a flu shot?” Rite Aid’s extensive flu shot marketing campaign is tackling that question head on, including a new 30-second TV commercial that began airing in September.

The commercial shows an office birthday party in which the “guest of honor” is visibly sick, which causes everyone to decline his offer for a piece of cake. Among the party-goers is a female co-worker named Janet, who is wearing her “I Love Cake” T-shirt, but still can’t bring herself to indulge.

Viewers then learn that, based on a 2014 CDC study, “63 percent of your co-workers didn’t get their flu shot.” That’s when Janet decides to make a convenient visit to her Rite Aid pharmacist for a flu immunization.

At the recent Rite Aid Supplier Conference in Hershey, Pa., Rite Aid certified immunizing pharmacists were on hand to administer free flu shots to attendees. Supplier partners are urged to help protect their employees from the flu by contacting their local Rite Aid pharmacy to schedule an on-site immunization clinic.