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Associates, Customers Can Win Big In ‘Game Of Life™’ Promotion

Game of Life

The Game of Life™ Collect and Win Game has two separate contests, one for customers, pictured at left, and another for associates.

“You can be a winner at the Game of Life™.”

So went the catchy commercial jingle for the popular Hasbro board game, which has players spin a wheel to move their cars along the board as they try to earn the most money before retirement.

At Rite Aid stores, both customers and associates can win cash and prizes by playing The Game of Life™ Collect and Win Game. By shopping at Rite Aid, customers and associates earn game tickets that could win them prizes such as a 2010 Infinity G37 convertible or a $25,000 mega kitchen makeover. The 8-week promotion ends Saturday, Feb. 27.

“This promotion is a great way to finish our fiscal year,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing John Learish. “We’re excited that our customers are eligible to win more than $5 million in prizes, but we’re just as excited that our associates are eligible to win prizes too.”

The promotion consists of two separate contests, one for customers and one for associates.

The Customer Game

Generating excitement about the prizes shouldn’t be too difficult as customers could win big with a $250,000 mortgage payoff, a Carnival Cruise for two, a convertible, the kitchen makeover, a $10,000 room makeover or cash prizes of up to $5,000. Customers could also win free products, Rite Aid gift cards or a Nintendo Wii gaming system.

To play, customers can pick up a game board at any register and collect one game ticket for each front-end or pharmacy transaction. Customers can earn extra game tickets by purchasing specially marked products. Each game ticket consists of four game pieces, a Carnival Cruise marker and a coupon.

To win, customers may either receive an instant win coupon or collect all of the game pieces in one area of the game board to win the corresponding prize. To enter the carnival cruise sweepstakes, customers must collect the two unique markers and mail them using instructions printed on the game board.

The Associate Game

The Associate Game is very similar to the customer version, with chances to win prizes such as a convertible, a $25,000 kitchen makeover, a $10,000 room makeover, cash prizes of up to $5,000, free products, Rite Aid gift cards or a Nintendo Wii gaming system.

Associates received four tickets at the beginning of the promotion, two game tickets with each January and February paycheck, and may earn additional tickets with each front-end or pharmacy purchase, or by purchasing specially marked products.